Kindles and Books – 5 Advantages Each

I like my Kindle.  I like old-fashioned books.  I don’t want to rag on either of them.  So here is a list of likes and more likes:

Advantages to the Kindle:

  • A gazillion books in one!  You cannot count the number of books that can be inside one of these!  (Well, actually you can – it would take you a little under 20 minutes to count the 3,500 books that a Kindle 3 can hold, but really, who has the time?)
  • Space saver supreme!  No more reason for bookshelves when your personal library will fit on a side table.  Less backaches from shuttling your collection from one residence to another.  Of course, chances are that you already have a hefty assortment of books, but the Kindle will help limit its weight gain.
  • Reads many things!  In the dark ages of yesteryear, Word documents existed in a strange no-man’s-land within your computer’s files, and had to be printed out in precious ink if you wanted to take them with you in easily readable form.  But Kindle will suck them up like a digital Hoover, as well as PDFs and saved web pages.
  • Can be operated with one hand!  This can be done with paper books, but it’s a tricky act to pull off.  Kindle says, “Oh, you want to read and eat at the same time?  Piece of cake – one hand for your book, one hand for the cake.  Done.”
  • Does other things!  Bonus!  Your book now holds music inside it.  And a web browser.  And Minesweeper.  And word games.  And chess.  And video poker (which is strangely addictive on a Kindle.  Who knew?).

Advantages to books:

  • They’re pretty!  Publishers do lots of things to spiff up their books and attract your eye, like commission cover artists, hire copy editors and do oodles of formatting work.  Kindles are getting around to showing cover art, but they still can’t match those pretty foiled covers sitting on your shelf.
  • No batteries required!  You can read them when no electricity is available, and they will never cut out on you if you forget to charge them.  You don’t even have to flip through a menu to get going.  Directions: Pick up and read.
  • Easy to flip through!  Traditional books still have a great sense of space that e-books have failed to match.  The human brain does a pretty good job of approximating where something happened in a book’s plot and translating that to the physical object with pages.  Also great for reference and school books.
  • No format upgrades!  If ebook readers follow the same pattern as computers and music players, there will always be a version 2.0, 3.0, X.0 and so forth FOREVER.  If a book is treated right, it can last decades.  No worries about compatibility, etc.  A book will always be there for you. :)
  • Physical possessions! You can pick ’em up and hug them.  Paper books appeal to two more senses than electronic ones – touch and smell.  You could also taste them, but I don’t really recommend that one.  A book is a thing you can put on display!  It is yours, your only, your precioussss!

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