ABCs of Reality TV Competition

Think you’re cut out to compete on a reality show but not sure if you have the skills?  Check out this list and find your perfect match!

A – Automotive Transformation: Ultimate Car Build-Off
B – Ballroom Dancing: Dancing With the Stars
C – Comedy: Last Comic Standing
D – Dating: The Bachelor
E – Evading Capture: Mantracker
F – Firebuilding: Survivor
G – Garment-making: Project Runway
H – Hairstyling: Shear Genius
I – Interior Design: HGTV Design Star
J – Jousting: Full Metal Jousting
K – Kitchen Management: Kitchen Nightmares
L – Losing Weight: The Biggest Loser
M – Movie Makeup: Face Off
N – Neighbor Renovations: Trading Spaces
O – Obstacle Course: Wipeout
P – Plane-hopping: The Amazing Race
Q – Questionable Food: Fear Factor
R – Random Trivia: Jeopardy
S – Shooting: Top Shot
T – Tattooing: Ink Master
U – Ultimate Fighting: The Ultimate Fighter
V – Vocalizing: American Idol
W – Wrestling: Tough Enough
X – eXtreme Couponing: Extreme Couponing
Y – Youth Pageants: Toddlers and Tiaras
Z – Zany Roommates: Big Brother

If for some reason you believe that going on a reality TV show is a monumentally stupid idea misuse of your time, then you can always just watch the poor saps competitors in their regularly scheduled timeslots.


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