5 Short Lists Relevant to Tonight’s Baseball Game

Excitement surrounding baseball, most to least:
  1. Playing Baseball Games
  2. Attending Baseball Games
  3. Watching Baseball Games in the Movies
  4. Watching Baseball Games on TV
Demeaning fan activities, least to most:
  1. Watching the game
  2. Eating a hot dog
  3. Clapping
  4. Chanting
  5. Singing
  6. Doing the wave
  7. Trying to start the wave and failing miserably
Noteworthiness of balls hit into the outfield, least to most:
  1. Ball caught by outfielder
  2. Ball not caught by outfielder
  3. Ball caught by fans behind the wall
  4. Ball caught by outfielder who jumps against the wall
  5. Ball not caught by outfielder who runs headlong into the wall
Difficulty of things vendors carry, least to most:
  1. Raffle tickets (why?)
  2. A stick with bags of popcorn tied to it
  3. Fan merchandise
  4. A box of food
  5. A box of spillable drinks
  6. Fan merchandise and a box of spillable drinks
  7. All of the above – at the same time
Coolness of Chase Field amenities, least to most:
  1. Air conditioning (when roof is closed)
  2. Multiple Cold Stone Creamery locations
  3. Swimming pool in right-center field

In other words, it was a great night.  Even though the Diamondbacks lost to the Pittsburgh Pirates 4-5, the number of hits and runs made for a lot of baseball action.  And I had a good time hanging out with my visiting cousin and his family. :)


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