The Feast Before the Storm

There’s something vaguely sinister about having end-of-class parties before the final assignments are due.  Events where you consume potluck junk food and sugary drinks are supposed to be rewards for getting everything done, a chance to relax and socialize post-exam or post-paper.  But there seems to be a disturbing trend in my classes of having these year-end celebrations prior to the due dates for the term projects.

It gives off a “last meal” vibe to me – let’s socialize, have some refreshments and a little fun AND THEN ENTER THE WEEK OF DOOM.  These parties don’t do much to reduce the constant stress level that is life before finals week.  That background stress is still hovering at about an 8 the whole time, even if I’m not actively thinking about all of the writing and studying left to be done.  Class festivals make it worse, because the distraction and relief is fleeting…the day or even the hour after brings a head-on collision with the extensive to-do list.

I understand that the format of finals week demands this sort of reverse-order celebration. The tests are scheduled to be the very last interactions with the educational system, so student end times are staggered over a couple of weeks and professors have the time to grade everything.  But still.  I wish that wasn’t the case.  This pre-exam partying is messing with my head.  I need to get back to my new mantra for the last two weeks of my college career: Not done yet.  Not done yet.  Not done yet.


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