Nonword of the Week: Restress

Restress: to experience anxiety about the same issue more than one time; to have a recurring worry

Example: Chelsea restressed about Monday’s final exam every three hours or so.

Related nonwords: brainful, redread 

Yeah, my finals week is getting to me.  Is it that obvious?  I am a chronic restresser when it comes to things like major tests and papers. Get out of my brain, panicky feelings! Leave me alone!

Have a unique nonword of your own?  Leave a comment!
Not sure what a nonword is?  Check out my first nonword of the week.

Disclaimer: I do not condone idle word-mangling.  Please mangle your words with care. Should not be attempted by the faint of heart or those with reading disorders.  Side-effects include peculiar looks, disapproving frowns, essay markdowns, and utter confusion.


2 thoughts on “Nonword of the Week: Restress

  1. I’m constantly restressing too. But I still haven’t managed to think of my own nonword yet; and I thought I had a good command of the English language! I’ll keep trying :)

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