Nonword of the Week: Sunburner

Sunburner: one who is particularly prone to being sunburned, usually susceptible due to pale or sensitive skin 

Example: Chelsea made the decision to move to Phoenix, Arizona despite the fact that she was an atrocious sunburner.

Related nonwords: summerize, SPFed, sunburnee

“Sunburnee” might be the more appropriate nonword, but to me that suffix suggests passivity, and becoming sunburned implies some sort of deliberate action out under the sunrays.  And yes, I am a sunburner.  My skin apparently favors blistering and peeling to gaining any sort of tan, no matter how frequent the applications of sunblock. It makes me wonder why I persist in activities that are likely to lead to more sun exposure, like lifeguarding or attending college in Tempe.  I guess I’m a glutton for epidermal punishment.

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Disclaimer: I do not condone idle word-mangling.  Please mangle your words with care. Should not be attempted by the faint of heart or those with reading disorders.  Side-effects include peculiar looks, disapproving frowns, essay markdowns, and utter confusion.


2 thoughts on “Nonword of the Week: Sunburner

  1. I’m leaving for the sunny climes of Tunisia tonight, so sunburn is a distinct possibility over the next week. Fortunately I’m not really a sunburner :)

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