Nonword of the Week: Overdriven

Overdriven: fatigued due to driving, particularly after a long road trip

Example: Chelsea felt extremely overdriven after she completed the 1,500 mile migration from Tempe to Spokane.

Related nonwords: packaholic, rejourney, zombified 

Very relevant to how I feel today after making it home in one piece complete with parents, car, moving truck, and oodles of stuff.  I need a break!

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Disclaimer: I do not condone idle word-mangling.  Please mangle your words with care. Should not be attempted by the faint of heart or those with reading disorders.  Side-effects include peculiar looks, disapproving frowns, essay markdowns, and utter confusion.


2 thoughts on “Nonword of the Week: Overdriven

  1. I think overdriven could have multiple meanings. Example:

    Overdriven: detrimentally ambitious, as in ‘Amanda, being an overdriven student, took too many difficult classes her last semester at university, for which she is now paying the price during finals week.’

    Glad you made it back to Spokane safely! I’ll be joining you shortly (provided I don’t perish in the process of graduating.)

    • Oh I like that! Definitely a second official meaning for overdriven. Please try to survive your graduation so I can see you back in Spokane soon. :)

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