Sunday Sketch: Witter T-Shirt

For my Sunday Sketch this week, I thought I’d post my T-shirt design for our lifeguards’ staff night.  I work at an aquatic center called Witter, and our team color was white, which was perfect for doodling.  Five Sharpies and an hour or so later, I had this:

The blue object being towed by the superhero-lifeguard is a pool tarp.  It makes more sense when you know that tarping is an excruciating and difficult process – Witter has nine tarps that are about 3 meters by 25 meters and they have to be towed across the pool at night by swimming lifeguards.  It’s infinitely worse when only one lifeguard is there to do it (as happened to me last Saturday), and as I was musing over my blisters later in the week I thought about how much easier it would be if those blue tarps could just fly themselves across each night.  And yes, I know that “We got this” is awful grammar, but that really is the sentiment appropriate to this case.

Diabolical blue instruments of torture

Ours are similar to these, only there are nine instead of four.

That design was on the back of the T-shirt, a simple V-neck I bought at Target.  On the front of the shirt at the point of the V I drew our pool mascot, a marmot. Witter is outside, next to a river and a park, and there is a family of marmots that live somewhere behind the complex. “Witty the Marmot” has been a fixture for three years running:

Sadly, the Witter Marmots did not win the staff game of capture-the-flag, but we did score twice, which was pretty good considering the other five pools had, on average, double the amount of lifeguards that we were able to muster.  Witter Marmots – small but mighty!

For those curious, I did use references for the superhero-lifeguard and the marmot, though of course I modified them in my drawings.


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