Nonword of the Week: Poodly

Poodly: Possessing characteristics similar to those of poodles; in designer dogs, taking strongly after the poodle parent.

Example: The latest litter of labradoodle puppies looked mostly like their father, but one was quite poodly.

Related nonwords: labradorable, bulldoggery

This nonword is borrowed from the classifieds section of the paper, where a breeder was hoping to sell some particularly poodly crossbreeds. It’s just fun to say. Oodles of poodly poodles!

(Other animals besides dogs can be poodly, too.)

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Disclaimer: I do not condone idle word-mangling. Please mangle your words with care. Should not be attempted by the faint of heart or those with reading disorders. Side-effects include peculiar looks, disapproving frowns, essay markdowns, and utter confusion.


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