The Days of the Black Friday Week

I keep seeing advertisements for “Cyber Week,” leading me to believe that if you are in the U.S., Black Friday is inescapable.  It has its own “holiday week” now:

  • Travel Wednesday: This is the day for getting to wherever you’re going. Figure out which relatives have the most strategic shopping positions, and visit them.  (Also the time to prepare for hordes of family members: cleaning, baking dishes, etc.)
  • Thanksgiving Thursday (Black Friday Eve): Something about stocking up on calories and taking a quick nap before getting in line for the 8pm store openings.
  • Black Friday: Shop like you will never see a Best Buy again!  Wear war paint.
  • Small Business Saturday:  Do more shopping.  Feel better about yourself this time.
  • Stay-home Sunday: Supposedly this is when you recover from the trauma of the first half of the week. But beware – the leftovers are getting scarier.
  • Cyber Monday: Do more shopping. Slouch on your couch this time. Free shipping!
  • Blue Tuesday: Realize that the holiday is over, and most of the sales are gone.  So is most of your money.  And you still have to buy presents for most of your family.

Denver Post: Black Friday Cartoon


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