Nonword of the Week: Waitaholic

Waitaholic: a person who enjoys waiting for end results rather than indulging in instant gratification. Rare.  Waitaholics are more than merely patient – they will actively seek out opportunities to wait, and shun those who can’t resist jumping lines.

Example: The book was long-winded and boring, but the waitaholic wouldn’t skip to the end to find out what happened; monotony was part of the experience of reading the book.

Related nonwords: rejourney, zombified

If you’ve seen the xkcd comic Time, that’s a comic made for waitaholics.  (It currently updates hourly, each time showing a new frame in an extended comic.  As of now there are approximately 650 frames of Time; it began on Monday, March 25th and has not stopped. (Go to to see the whole sequence.)

Wait for it.

Wait for it.

It’s also spawned a wiki and several religious sects.

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Disclaimer: I do not condone idle word-mangling. Please mangle your words with care. Should not be attempted by the faint of heart or those with reading disorders. Side-effects include peculiar looks, disapproving frowns, essay markdowns, and utter confusion.

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