Saturday Snapshot: Grand Canyon Storm

Stormy Grand Canyon By CRash

Change of pace from the Tacoma pictures: here’s a photo of the Grand Canyon taken in 2008.  There was a little rainstorm over part of it when I visited with my family on the way to ASU.  It wasn’t raining on our side, but there were some fierce little breezes that messed up our hair in all the family photos.


Sunday Celebration: 100 Posts!

100 Posts on CRash Landing


Wow!  I can’t believe the blog has made it to 100 posts already!  That’s pretty good, considering its one-year anniversary is coming up in about five weeks.  An average of one post every 3.3 days is better than I expected for my first blog.  To celebrate, here’s a little image containing all of the Saturday Snapshots that made it into the first hundred posts. :) Here’s to the next hundred!

Saturday Snapshot: Puget Sound Sunset

Puget Sound Sunset by CRash

Taken yesterday, when the weather was sunny, clear, and gorgeous.  The weather today was pretty wonderful, too.  These are the days when I take my camera and head out for exploratory walkabouts.

Draw Something Sunday: Pre-Valentine’s Day Edition

Draw Hug By CRash

Hope everyone has a good week! ♡

Saturday Snapshot: Tacoma Narrows Bridge

Tacoma Narrows Bridge by CRash

Out of all of the dorms/apartments I’ve lived in, this one has the best view.  Here’s a zoomed-in shot of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge, taken from my new balcony.

Draw Something Sunday: Super Bowl Edition


Last Sunday in January!  Get your ice skating in while you still can!

Nonword of the Week: Moveclusion

Moveclusion: that moment when you realize you have unpacked all the boxes and everything is finally in its proper place; the end of a relocation.

Example: It took a couple of weeks for Chelsea’s new adventure to come to its moveclusion – next up: finding a job.

Related nonwords: packaholic, boxidemic, rejourney

Kitten on Box Fort

All done moving – I think that everything is where it’s supposed to be.  I’m all out of boxes to unpack, anyway.  I’m pretty impressed that I found room for all of the stuff I brought without filling the new apartment to the brim.  I mean, I still have room for books on my bookshelf!

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