Draw Something Sunday: Oscars Edition

Draw Something Popcorn By CRash

(Shh – I’m not actually watching the Oscars.  Don’t tell anybody.)

Nonword of the Week: Packaholic

Packaholic: a person that enjoys placing belongings into travel bags, esp. someone given to overpacking a suitcase in order to be prepared for every foreseeable clothing scenario.

Example: The average traveler brings three outfits per weekend; the packaholic brings six, which can be combined and rearranged to form a further twenty-one.

Related nonwords: lootcase, desocked

I admit, I can be a packaholic at times. I think it might be related to my tendency to hoard things (it might come in handy someday!) or maybe it’s because of my occasional bouts of super-organization (shirts are currently arranged by color).  If I’m going on a long trip, I will make lists of everything I need to pack, and I might spend half a day gathering up everything I think I could possibly need. BECAUSE YOU NEVER KNOW.

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