Happy Car-iversary

Crunched Car By CRash

My dad pointed out that today, 12/12/12, is the three-year anniversary of the purchase of my car. Apparently it  thinks that gives it license to be a diva for a day.  I spent a good 15-20 minutes in the parking lot of Target trying to get it to start, but it just didn’t want to get moving.  After what it deemed an appropriate waiting period, it deigned to start again, with no apparent problem.  (We have ruled out the battery but still aren’t sure what its issue is.)

Aside from this new starting hiccup, I like my car.  It’s a 1997 Nissan Maxima, bought used, and is holding up pretty well for being 15 years old.  It isn’t especially fancy – but then, neither am I. Sure, we’ve had our problems (like when the synchronized backing-ups of myself and a coworker crunched it a little – see above), but generally we get along just fine.  It’s been with me to Arizona and back, and I hope we can travel on down the road even farther.

Here’s to three more years!


Trip Tweets

I’m still ambivalent about Twitter as a medium.  Given the opportunity, I will write as much as possible, so 140 characters seems a severe handicap.  That said, it was fun to tweet my road trip – there were many new sights along the way and not much else to do in the car.  For the sake of those who don’t really want to scroll down my Twitter profile page, and for my own future reference, I decided to consolidate the three days of my roadtrip tweets in this blog post, first to last.


Road trip from Tempe, AZ to Spokane, WA commencing! We’ve got ourselves a 2-car convoy!

Hwy74 needs another lane. It runs thru the middle of Nowhere, USA: no obstructions but slow RVs. Guess Nowhere’s an apathetic place, though.

It’s a close race for the coolest custom plate so far: top contenders are currently APLTART (yummy) and SUEWEET (on a red hotrod).

Found out saguaro cactus flowers are pollinated by bats. Somebody needs to write a YA book series about vampires that feed on cactus plants.

Billboard: “Cowboy up in Wickenburg!” You just might have to take them up on that b/c the price of gas is WAY jacked up by the only station.

Turns out most of the Sonoran Desert is a dead zone. #WhyAmINotSurprised

We’ve entered the land of biblical plates: GODBLSU and SKJESUS. The 2nd can be interpreted quite wrongly until you realize SK means “seek.”

Lanes reduced to 1. Should tell the the guy holding up traffic that houseboats are meant to go on *water*, not desert highways via trailer.

BTW, apologies to Facebook friends for spamming your feed w/ roadtrip tweets; forgot I had FB sharing turned on. #ImTooSocialForThisMedia

Zappos.com must really love Vegas – they’ve adopted all its freeways. Seems a little odd for a shoe company to adopt a motorway.

Riding on I-515 through Las Vegas is like being in a bounce house…in your car. #BouncyBouncyBouncy

Gas station has new Cheetos that are double-hot compared to the already burning “Flamin’ Hot” ones. Sounds like suicide by tongue to me #Why

Cedar Pocket is a cute little name: seems like it should describe an independently owned arts-n-crafts store rather than a massive gorge.

Road signs were the original tweets. “Watch for Rocks.” “Lane Ends Merge Left.” Now that’s word economy for you!


Day 2 begins in UT – following behind a swerving car in an 80mph speed zone who’s had his blinker on for miles. Best guess: he’s not Mormon.

Maybe a sign that you turned on your field sprinklers too early: large swaths of ice on your crop where the water hits. Looks pretty though.

There is a tiny town in Utah called Circleville. Population in 1900: 538. Population in 2000: 550. I get the feeling not much changes there.

There appear to be strange bulges in the land that go up and down. I am told they are called “mountains.” We don’t have those in Phoenix.

There’s a restaurant in Fillmore, UT called “Garden of Eat’n.” According to reviews, food is good but staff isn’t. Was Eden that way, too?

Sign: ROAD DAMAGE. More specific? Can’t be catastrophic or there’d be more warning. But if it’s not bad, why not just fix it? #WasteOfTime

Figured out that Utah’s ROAD DAMAGE signs really mean “Pothole Here.” Imagine how many millions of those the Pacific Northwest would need.

“Drowsy Drivers” is the name of my next soft-rock band. #bandname

Is a Spanish Fork used to eat Spanish food? I assume that an American Fork is used exclusively for apple pies.

Just saw a black ewe with a little white lamb. Maybe not interesting to those who raise sheep, but to me it was THE CUTEST THING EVER.

Know those GAME CROSSING signs? One of these days I’ll be tempted enough to put Monopoly on one side of the road & Battleship on the other.

Seeing more and more evergreens… must mean we’re getting closer to the Evergreen State! Or maybe the Emerald City. Both are good!


My next #bandname – The Profitable Cows. (From a billboard outside Twin Falls, Idaho).

A billboard asks: “Where are you going – HEAVEN or HELL?” I really don’t see how that’s any of your business, billboard. #NosyAdvertisements

I wonder if the Schwan’s truck that’s now a hollowed-out roadside skeleton still had desserts in it when it was stripped? #IceCreamPirates

Baker City has a small bookstore & I got sucked into its vortex. But I only got 2 books! As a percentage of my collection, that’s nothing!

I feel the urge to play forensic scientist with the insect remains on my windshield #CSI #SplatteredVictimsUnit

Made it to the southern border of Washington! Only 3 more hours until home! #AreWeThereYet

Over 1500 miles later my parents, my stuff and I made it back to home sweet home. #NoMoreRoadTripping