Draw Something Sunday: Ice Skating

Draw Ice Rink By CRash

Last Sunday in January!  Get your ice skating in while you still can!

Merry Christmas 2012

We had a great day of present-opening here at our house, and there’s still Christmas dinner to look forward to – yum!  Yesterday half the family came over to celebrate Christmas Eve, and tomorrow we’re heading down to Moscow to visit the other half.
Gifts + food + family = simply having a wonderful Christmastime!

I hope you’re enjoying the holidays, too. :)

Sunday Sketch: Christmas Trees


I went with my dad to get a Christmas tree yesterday – I felt a little sorry for the crooked little trees that didn’t get picked until I realized that they were the only ones still alive.

Total time: about 1 hour.  Process video:

Sunday Speedpaint: Happy Holidays

These days it seems like Thanksgiving and Christmas are getting all tangled up in each other. Poor turkey. Inspired by these references of a turkey and a trapped chickadee (with a dash of Skyfall, I must admit).

Total time: about 1 hour.  Process video: