Draw Something Sunday: Oscars Edition

Draw Something Popcorn By CRash

(Shh – I’m not actually watching the Oscars.  Don’t tell anybody.)

Draw Something Sunday: Pre-Valentine’s Day Edition

Draw Hug By CRash

Hope everyone has a good week! ♡

Draw Something Sunday: Super Bowl Edition


Last Sunday in January!  Get your ice skating in while you still can!

Draw Something Sunday: Ice Skating

Draw Ice Rink By CRash

Last Sunday in January!  Get your ice skating in while you still can!

Friday Evening at Titlow Park


It was a gorgeous clear day, so I biked down to Titlow Park to watch the sun set over Puget Sound.  I also took my iPad along, and did a quick speedpaint of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge at sunset.  It took somewhere around 30-45 minutes, and was tricky since the light kept changing as the sun moved closer to the horizon.

Once again, the uphill bike ride home was killer.  The park is great incentive, though – near enough and pretty enough to make it worth the exercise on the return trip.  Might this become a self-imposed workout routine?  Only if there are more clear, sunny days like this one!


Draw Something Sunday: American Idol


I didn’t feel like doing a new speedpaint this Sunday, so I decided to try something new and post one of my Draw Something doodles.  (For those who don’t know, Draw Something is basically Pictionary for mobile devices.)

In honor of American Idol’s return this week, I decided to post an American Idol-themed doodle that I drew for my mom a while back.

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Have fun on your birthday – but not TOO much fun!