Sunday Speedpaint: Happy Holidays

These days it seems like Thanksgiving and Christmas are getting all tangled up in each other. Poor turkey. Inspired by these references of a turkey and a trapped chickadee (with a dash of Skyfall, I must admit).

Total time: about 1 hour.  Process video:

Saturday Snapshot: November Sky

Photo of clouds taken on Black Friday, near sunset. It was windy, so they were moving all over the place.  I like the different layers of color.

Saturday Snapshot: Forever Vigilant

A longstanding feud rages within the confines of my backyard.  On one side: the loyal, if somewhat lazy, Lab/Shepherd guardian.  On the other: a squadron of squirrels, masters of guerrilla tactics with ninja-like agility.  They wait, locked in perpetual stalemate – the subject of this week’s Saturday Snapshot.

Nonword of the Week: Flinter

Flinter: the time of year when it is still technically fall, but the weather resembles that of winter.

Example: As Thanksgiving grew nearer, the frequent snowflakes made it clear that flinter was in full swing.

Related nonwords: leafsicle, carfrost, shovelcise 

Me, after the first snow: “It’s winter!!!”
Mom: “Not for another month and a half…”

Flinter is also that special time of year when snow covers raked-up leaves, giving the illusion that they are really mounds of snow instead of piles of discarded plant appendages.

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