Saturday Snapshot: Heron

Heron By CRash

Here is the heron from my trip to Titlow Lagoon.  It was very people-shy, flying to a different part of the pond whenever a jogger or a bicyclist (like me) passed nearby on the trail.

Saturday Snapshot: Sun and Tree

Sun and Tree by CRash

Another photo from the snowmobile trip to Mt. Spokane, taken while the boys were climbing through the fog to the top of the ski lift.  There was just enough room for the sun to peek out and join the flock of trees standing on the side of the mountain.

Sunday Speedpaint: Squirrel Archer

This is what happens when I think about squirrel warfare and Redwall in the same day – yesterday, when I uploaded the Saturday Snapshot and discussed re-reading Redwall with a friend over lunch.  I know it has issues, but I was moving pretty quickly along with this one.  The squirrel is a composite based off three reference photos: body, head, and hand.

Total time: about 1 hour.  Here is the process video: