Friday Evening at Titlow Park


It was a gorgeous clear day, so I biked down to Titlow Park to watch the sun set over Puget Sound.  I also took my iPad along, and did a quick speedpaint of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge at sunset.  It took somewhere around 30-45 minutes, and was tricky since the light kept changing as the sun moved closer to the horizon.

Once again, the uphill bike ride home was killer.  The park is great incentive, though – near enough and pretty enough to make it worth the exercise on the return trip.  Might this become a self-imposed workout routine?  Only if there are more clear, sunny days like this one!


50 Shades of Hay (Yellows)

I’ve done a list of shades of gray, but how about some shades of hay?  I had so much fun compiling the names of fifty different grays that I decided to repeat myself, this time with yellows.  Not only is yellow usually a happier color, but “50 Shades of Hay” is a common name for satire of E.L. James’s bestseller Fifty Shades of GreyThere is even a twitter account dedicated solely to showcasing pictures of hay.  If they can do hay, I can deliver some mellow yellows for you.

50 Shades of Hay
(or, fifty different names for yellow) 

The Obvious:
1. Yellow

2. Taxicab
3. Raincoat
4. Earwax

5. Sulfur
6. Brass
7. Topaz
8. Citrine
9. Gold

10. Lemon
11. Apricot
12. Banana
13. Cheddar
14. Butter
15. Custard
16. Honey
17. Vanilla
18. Cream
19. Butterscotch
20. Egg Yolk
21. Mustard
22. Cornmeal
23. Maize
24. Saffron
25. Macaroni and Cheese

26. Sunshine
27. Sand
28. Amber
29. Ochre
30. Desert

Hair Color:
31. Blonde
32. Tow

33. Canary
34. Bumblebee
35. Goldfinch
36. Duckling Yellow

37. Dandelion
38. Daffodil
39. Sunflower
40. Goldenrod
41. Jonquil
42. Buttercup
43. Marigold

44. Highlighter Yellow
45. School Bus
46. No. 2 Pencil

47. Flaxen
48. Wheat
49. Straw
50. Hay

I heartily welcome any other hay-hue suggestions in the comments.

50 Shades of Gray (Literally)

Rather than reading the Twilight fan fiction-derived, erotica-laden bestseller Fifty Shades of Grey, why not check out this literal list of fifty shades of gray?  I have not read the book, but since the last names of the main characters are Grey and Steele, I thoroughly expect author E.L. James to continue the naming trend for the rest of the trilogy.  Perhaps a rival love interest named Timberwolf?

50 Shades of Gray
(or at least fifty different names for it) 

The Obvious:
1. Gray (Grey)
2. Steel
3. Twilight

4. Argent
5. Shadow

6. Metallic Gray
7. Silver
8. Iron
9. Platinum
10. Mercury
11. Magnet Gray
12. Stirling
13. Pewter
14. Leaden
15. Quicksilver
16. Industrial Gray

17. Slate
18. Cement
19. Stone
20. Masonry
21. Boulder Gray
22. Granite
23. Tombstone
24. Pebble Gray
25. Concrete
26. Flint
27. Limestone

Hair Color:
28. Hoary
29. Grizzled

30. Timberwolf
31. Gray Goose
32. Dolphin
33. Pigeon Gray
34. Gray Squirrel
35. Rhinoceros
36. Dove Gray
37. Koala
38. Mouse Gray

39. Gray Moss
40. Rose Gray
41. Silver Cedar

42. Dusky Gray
43. Cloud
44. Thunderstorm
45. Misty
46. Rime Gray

47. Cinder Gray
48. Ash
49. Smoke
50. Charcoal

I heartily welcome any other gray suggestions in the comments.