Saturday Snapshot: Blue Skies


Here’s a photo I took of some wispy clouds in the sky on a beautiful afternoon in Tacoma.


Saturday Snapshot: Moonglow

Moonglow By CRash

Snapped this one out of my bedroom window several days ago – a waxing golden moon.

Saturday Snapshot: November Sky

Photo of clouds taken on Black Friday, near sunset. It was windy, so they were moving all over the place.  I like the different layers of color.

Sunday Speedpaint: Veterans Day

Another Sunday, another speedpaint!  This one was a no-brainer since it’s Veterans Day here in the U.S. (Armistice and Remembrance Day elsewhere).  Eagle and flag were cribbed from two Google Search photos; I just doodled them together.

Total time: about 45 minutes.  Here is the process video: