Nonword of the Week: Shovelcize

Shovelcise: the daily workout that inevitably follows heavy snowfalls. 

Example: Chelsea’s new workout routine included an hour and a half of shovelcise.

Related nonwords: flinter, excacrucivation, iglooless

This afternoon was spent moving piles of solid water from one part of the property (driveway) to another (berms beside driveway).  I had several inches of thick, wet snow – getting ever thicker and wetter since it was 36 degrees – to deal with.  Let’s just say it was the best workout I’ve gotten in a while.

Shovelcise by CRash

Our sidewalk, post-shovelcise. I’d like to thank the fancy bent-handle shovel, for making things just that much easier.

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Saturday Snapshot: Ski Lift

Ski Lift By CRash

Second snowmobile trip to Mt. Spokane.  It was cloudy, but the ski lift rose out of the clouds.  So did we, climbing up to take a look at the view.

Saturday Snapshot: Sun and Tree

Sun and Tree by CRash

Another photo from the snowmobile trip to Mt. Spokane, taken while the boys were climbing through the fog to the top of the ski lift.  There was just enough room for the sun to peek out and join the flock of trees standing on the side of the mountain.

Saturday Snapshot: The White Tree

The White Tree By CRash

First snowmobile trip of the year!  That means lots of snowy pictures. :)  This spot on the mountain was treated to the full force of the wind, so my fingers went numb.  However, all that wind meant that trees like this one got a heavy dose of flocking.

I particularly like this photo because the white tree has a face: two dark vertical spots midway up the tree form the eyes and the larger horizontal spot below them serves as a scowling mouth.  The errant branch sticking out on the left side might be interpreted as a shaking fist.  Overall, I think its expression is akin to: “Get off my lawn, you whippersnappers!”

Saturday Snapshot: First Snow

First Snow of 2012, Mead WA

Photo of the first snowflakes of the year at our house, shot on the night of my birthday using my birthday present: a new Canon digital camera.  It captured falling snow at night, which my old camera would have been hard-pressed to manage.  I did a little more processing on my computer because I liked this one with high color saturation.  Thanks Mom and Dad!

What Snowmen Can Teach Us

Snowman States of Being

Three phone pictures I took (in order) of a snowman constructed over Spring Break.  He’s certainly one of the more photogenic snowmen I’ve made, from his birth to his death.  This guy was allowed to degrade naturally, with no human interference. Unfortunately I had to fly back to ASU before he melted entirely, but I like how in the third image he’s almost mummy-esque, his pieces lying around him.

Materials: snow (one deck’s worth), rocks (6), pine branches (4), and baby carrot (1).

Inaugural Post

Well, you have to do something for your first post, right?  Here’s mine.  I’m still fiddling with all of the settings for the blog, so I’m distracted from actually blogging. I’m onto you, WordPress.  Your mind tricks won’t work on me.  Just let me set up this one link…and then the feedback settings…and then the header appearance…and then the widgets…

Trust me – I will blog.  Eventually.  For now, you can look at the pretty snowy pictures.

Have a picture with more snow - photo from Mt. Spokane (near the top of a ski lift).